Http 403

October 10th, 2011

What is an http 403 Error?

The HTTP 403 error is the status code a web server returns when a user’s request for access is denied. The status code is a general, catch-all notification that provides little information to why access was denied.

The Causes of an http 403 Error

The most likely cause is that server administrators have forbidden directory browsing. Most websites have an optimized navigation structure in place. Turning off directory browsing forces users to browse in manner that is best suited for the site.
Another possible cause is that the site has not been developed and though the domain exists, the files that establish it, do not. Similarly, the files might be there, but the developer could have an error that prevents the page from rendering.
It could be too, that the server no longer hosts the domain. Users would encounter a http 403 error if this was case as well.
The site might require login credentials. Attempting to resume an earlier session after the machine’s cookie authorizing access has timed out or has been deleted will also generate an http 403 error.

Can the http 403 Error be fixed?

The user is constrained by the rules of the sites they browse. Just move on to another site. The website developer, on the other hand, is the one making the rules. If they are getting the http 403 error on their own site, then there are steps they can take.
Site developers can upload an htaccess file to their host that enables directory visibility. An error in doing this can crash the site. A professional should be called in if there are any doubts. If this does not fix the issue, then the web host server might be limiting traffic.

The http403Error Tool

The http403Error tool will resolve the http 403 error both from the user’s stand point and the developer’s. The tool is an invaluable resource, both to the user and the developer. The http403Error tool will run offending sites through deepening levels of diagnostics to rule out legitimate causes and diagnose ones that need user attention. The power of the http403Error tool lies in its ability to not only diagnose but to resolve these errors. Site developers and site users will no longer be sidelined by delays due to the http 403 error. Those days are gone thanks to the the http403Error tool.

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