Error code http 403

October 27th, 2011

What is an http 403 Error Code?

The http 403 error code is a status code that a web server sends to a user when their request for access is denied. The status code is a general and nondescript message that provides little information to the user to why their access was denied.

What is Causing the http 403 Error Code?

Server administrators have likely prohibited directory browsing on their site. Websites structure navigation for optimal efficiency. Turning off directory browsing on the server side directs users to navigate sites as their developers have intended for the best user experience.
An undeveloped site might also be the issue behind the http 403 error code. The domain might exists on a DNS, but not be developed. Similarly, the site might have been developed but have an error that prevents the page from displaying.
The site server does not host the domain anymore. Users would encounter an http 403 error code if this was case.
The site might require a user to logon. Attempting to resume a previous session after the cookie has timed out or has been deleted will generate this error code.

Can the http 403 Error Code be Resolved?

The user is bound by the rules of the websites they view. If, during casual browsing, this error is encountered, then users should browse to another site. If the website developer experiences the http 403 error code on their own site, then there are steps they can take to fix it.
Developers can upload a filed named htaccess that enables directory visibility and browsing. Be advised, this is a process that a qualified technician should oversee. If all this fails to fix the error code, then the web host server could be limiting traffic or experiencing a network issue.

The http403Error Tool

The http403ErrorCode tool resolves the http 403 error code both for the site visitor and the developer. The tool provides the user with a suite of diagnostics that dive deep and to the heart of the issue. The http403ErrorCode tool will process sites through several utilities to rule out non-related issues and verify legitimate ones. The power of the http403ErrorCode tool is its ability to diagnose and resolve. The days of using multiple tools to solve one issue are gone thanks to the the http403ErrorCode tool.

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